Welcome to Yellow Lab Imaging!

We utilize the Simple Order System for online orders. It is web based, works on any device but does not show cropping. We have found it to be a very quick and easy way to get a print order started. Or you can drop by and see us if you prefer.

Ordering Options

Fine Art Prints - Need quality copies of your artwork? We can help.

Holiday Cards - Get some seasonal cheer with your images.

Pearl Prints - Metallic prints are a great way to showcase your images.

Copy Work and Restoration - Give those faded, ageing images new life.

The quality at Yellow Lab Imaging is every bit as good as the bigger labs. And they are in our backyard, so we can get prints very quickly.

David Adkins (Operations Manager, DeCloud Studios)

I've been using your lab for over 15 years now, ever since it was Evolution Photo Graphics.

Matt Kocourek (Owner, Matt Kocourek Photography)

I'm glad to be part of Yellow Lab Imaging carrying on the tradition built by EPG.

Rob Mitchell (Owner, Yellow Lab Imaging, LLC)